Ternyata ga gampang jg jd sales, pdhl dl gw sempet ngeremehin posisi ini. Posisi ini ujung tombak perushaan. Jd klo sales ny ga bagus, gmn perush bs capai target, gmn bs menang d market, gmn bs dapet profit & gmn bs gaji karyawanny.
Y y y; itu c teori ny. Tp, jd sales itu challenge tsendiri, meyakinkan org itu ga gampang. We have to know what topic that can click/turn on them, passion them to talk more & more, listening is essential.. Kecocokan jg penting, klo dah cocok semua (hal), we could offer anything to them. That's mean we can't use the same approach for all people (prospect), but there's a pattern we could learn. Yup, itu yg gw pelajarin. & for me, life is all about selling.
Skill selling, product selling, self selling, service selling, etc.

Y hopefully gw bs pake semua dr diri gw buat pekerjaan ini + dgn modal doa jg..

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