?? Feb 2007
Farewell farewell & farewell...
Yup it's about time to leave this town.. A simple town named Surabaya. With their culture & people that take me to a more mature boy.
Even though it's a hot city, i love all things in it. Cheap but delicious food, Nice place to hang out. Great friends & chics also. Cool music community. Good distro, worst beach, bad fun park, too much malls & plaza. & bla bla bla
I'm gonna miss it.

For all my friends & relatives.. Thx a lot for sharing & being kind.. Without u, I'm senseless. And every person need someone else..
As my deeply thankful.. Let's celebrate.
So let's enjoy this farewell party i held..

Eat eat & eat

Farewell my friends..
Farewell Surabaya..

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