A hard consideration

Lately i've experiencing a hard fight in my mind. A fight about life, reality, idealism,
destination, location, love & feelings, and also my own dream.
I though it's easy to think about this and make the decision, but in fact it isn't.
Perhaps this is because both the options are couldn't equality enough to compare,
or shortly i just compare 2 differents things but expect the same result precisely..
Hope it's not, i think both are still in the same industry, but for sure yes they are
in different context.. this is one of the factor why i can't compare it & why i can't
expect the same result, and honestly my sense tend to choose my current stream occupation
rather than the other.

Although, there are several factor that i consider, like parents, girlfriend, good chance,
community, livings, life, & others... but still it's difficult for me to decide..

Today till tomorrow, i should give my decision and i hope there's a hope and good reason
for all my decision...

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